Tarpon Springs Sinkholes

With the recent Lack of rain in Tarpon Springs and the Tampa Bay area, Thursday, two opened up on South Disston St., nearly swallowing up a woman’s home plus a tool shed, a large section of the road has also collapsed.

tarpon springs sinkhole

And earlier this week, children were playing near Dorsett Park when starting noticing some strange sights and hearing the ground becoming unstable so they ran to their house.

Geologists say they all could be signs of up-coming sinkholes.
Until geological crews can get things sorted out the park will remain closed.

Spring Hill Sinkholes

The lack of rain is also affecting Spring Hill – Hernando County which has long been known as the sinkhole capital of Florida.

Statistics from the Hernando County Property Appraiser’s Office seem to confirm the county’s sinkhole status.

Last year, 877 sinkholes were reported to the appraiser’s office. This year as of the end of May that number reported is 593.

If insurance company denies your sinkhole claim?

If you have filed a sinkhole claim in Tampa or surrounding areas and it has been denied, do not take the insurance company’s word for it that you do not have a sinkhole on your property or affecting the structural integrity of your home.

While you may receive a fancy and glossy geologist or engineering report from your insurance company denying there is sinkhole activity or damage, it is often a boilerplate report and is written by someone who is hired by the insurance company to protect their interests, not yours!

We can assist you in obtaining a second opinion from an independent professional and who can even review the “raw” data from the insurance company’s own report that may be subject to an entirely different interpretation

One that isn’t motivated by saving the insurance company lots of money.

We can help you place the initial claim, or if you have already placed the claim and received a negative outcome, we are equipped to litigate against your insurance company in the event that independent and qualified professionals have come to a conclusion that a sinkhole may indeed be causing damage to your home.

Call 1-800-984-9951 to speak with our sinkhole attorney or Contact Us For a Free Consultation

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