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We hope you will find this website informative about sinkholes, including their geology and the damage they may cause to Pasco County, FL homes.
As well as the process surrounding filing a sinkhole claim and your associated legal rights.


Pasco County Sinkholes:

There have been 2,291 reported incidents of sinkholes from 1996 through 2008, for an average of 191 sinkholes reported annually.

pasco sinkhole

The west coast of Pasco County is particularly prone to sinkhole occurrence due to its physiography.

Twice the monthly average of sinkhole incidents are received during the rainy season when compared to the dry season.

According to the Pasco County Development Review Services Department, 1,836 permits were pulled for incidents of sinkhole subsidence repairs between 2003 and 2008.

Sinkholes in New Port Richey:

The West Coast of Pasco County, including the municipalities of New Port Richey and Port Richey, is particularly prone to sinkhole occurrence due to its physiography.

The probability of a sinkhole occurring in the County is high, although the individual risk is not great.

Twice the monthly average of sinkhole incidents are received during the rainy season when compared to the dry season.

Limestone Solution Sinkholes:

In parts of Pasco, Hernando, Marion, Citrus and Levy counties, limestone is exposed at the surface or is covered by a thin layer of soil.

The limestone is subject to both physical and chemical processes that break down the rock.

When this breakdown occurs, it usually forms a cavity or void. Due to the natural dissolving of limestone, these sinkholes develop continuously, but slowly.

What to do if you suspect a sinkhole:

If a sinkhole has appeared on your property or a portion of your home has shifted or sunk, take these steps immediately:

  • Provide for the personal safety of your family. Evacuate if necessary.
  • Secure or move your valuable possessions if you can do so safely.
  • Complete our FREE Online Consultation Form now, or you can call us at the toll free number (1-800-984-9951), 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Notify your insurance company or agent.
  • Notify your city or county building inspection department.
  • Mark the sinkhole or property with fencing, rope or tape to warn others of the danger. (“You could be held liable if someone is injured in the sinkhole.”)
  • If you have sinkhole coverage, your insurance company will probably order a geological report that will establish the cause of the damage. This report may suggest how to prevent future damage. If the testing confirms that a sinkhole was the cause, your insurance policy should pay for the testing and repairs, less any applicable deductibles.
  • Underground materials, such as organic matter and clay, can cause damage that appears to be sinkhole related. Under certain circumstances, you might be held liable for a portion of the cost of repairs if confirmatory testing proves that the damage was not caused by a sinkhole.

By law, you are entitled to take part in a neutral evaluator program if you and your insurance company disagree on whether damage was caused by a sinkhole.

Should any noticeable soil slumping or sinkhole formation become evident, you should immediately notify the county, TBW, and SWFWMD.

Pasco County Doline or Sinkholes:

Karst topography dominated by sinkholes or dolines usually has several distinct surface features. Sinkholes (also known as dolines) are surface depressions formed by either:

1) the dissolution of bedrock forming a bowl shaped depression, or
2) the collapse of shallow caves that were formed by dissolution of the bedrock. These sinkholes or shallow basins may fill with water forming lakes or ponds.

What if the insurance company denies my sinkhole claim?

If you have Filed a sinkhole claim and it has been denied, do not take the insurance company’s word for it that you do not have a sinkhole on your property or affecting the structural integrity of your home.

What if my insurance company only offers to pay for my cosmetic damages, or has recommended grouting repairs?

Sometimes an insurance company will offer to pay compensation for cosmetic sinkhole repairs—sometimes called “above the slab” repairs—while ignoring potential substantial structural damage to the home that requires subsurface remediation.

Other times, they will offer only to remediate subsurface sinkhole activity by grouting, which essentially involves pouring cement into the sinkhole cavities in hopes of propping up the structure, with varied results.

How will I pay for my legal representation?

We accept sinkhole cases on a contingency fee basis, and if we do not obtain a recovery, settlement or judgment on your behalf, you will not owe us any fees or costs.

For more Information Contact Us.

What if the insurance company asks for a Neutral Evaluation or demands an Examination Under Oath (“EUO”)?

Recent changes in Florida law created what is known as Neutral Evaluation. Either you or the insurance company may request it, at the insurance company’s expense.

It is usually a good idea to consult with a qualified legal professional about your options.

This can be an intimidating process and you are entitled to have a lawyer present for your EUO if you so choose.

So do not hesitate to contact us for advice and counsel should you receive any request by your insurance company to submit to a Neutral Evaluation, EUO or home inspection, or for consultation regarding any step of the claims process.

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